Watch Kelsea Ballerini’s Stripped Down Rendition Of Her Heartfelt New Song, ‘Love Me Like A Girl’

Blake Taylor | iHeartVIPWednesday, March 25th, 2020
Kelsea Ballerini Strips Down Her Heartfelt New Song, 'Love Me Like A Girl'

A few days following the release of her new self-titled album, Kelsea Ballerini dropped an acoustic rendition of an early fan-favorite called "Love Me Like A Girl."

The song find Ballerini singing of someone who wishes to be listened to as opposed to "fixed," and loved in a sensitive way. "I know you don’t mean to be insensitive / And I know you’re never tryin’ to brush me off / The truth is, me and you, we’re wired different / So it makes sense sometimes we get crossed," Ballerini sings. "So when I’m crying (Crying) / Baby, pour some red / When you wanna kiss it better (Yeah) / Listen instead."

"Love Me Like A Girl" is one of 13 new songs included on Kelsea. In a recent interview with iHeartRadio, Ballerini opened up about the album’s theme and how songs like this were a part of a self-discovery process.

"The album, even all the bops of the album, they have a lot of heart, truth and self-discovery in them," Ballerini explained. "So it felt like the album that kind of put me on a first name basis with whoever listens to it."

She continues, "I love this album. I’m so excited to bring it on the road, I’m so excited to play it, I’m so excited to talk about it for two years. It’s something that isn’t fear-based for me, it’s just really honest, real and me."

Kelsea, which follow up her 2015 debut album, The First Time and her 2017 sophomore album, Unapologetically, was officially released on Friday (March 20). The album features her latest single, "homecoming queen" along with several other previously released songs including "club," "la" and "hole in the bottle." Additionally the album has two collaborations, "The Other Girl" featuring Halsey and "Half of My Hometown" featuring Kenny Chesney.

Check out Ballerini’s heartfelt acoustic performance of "Love Me Like A Girl" below.


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